12 Biggest Website Redesign Mistakes You Should Avoid
September 23, 2021

12 Biggest Website Redesign Mistakes You Should Avoid

The future of business lies in eCommerce. All major market brands and industry-leading companies have online stores. Online eCommerce stores have a strong impact on sales. Customers can access the store easily.

This article is for business and eCommerce store owners. You must have heard about website designs at this point. Today, we will talk about the biggest website redesign mistakes that you must avoid. We will talk about Orange County Web Design developer, GreatLike.

Biggest Redesign Mistakes

Website redesigning is a trend in the eCommerce market. Following are the things that you need to look out for when redesigning your website. Orange County Web Design, GreatLike will redesign your website free of all errors.

1. Ignoring Analytics And Feedback

Suppose you decide to switch your website design. You should note and keep the analytics of your website. You can compare these analytics with the statistics of your website after the redesign. Feedback is also an integral part of the redesign process. If customers like a particular website design, it will show up in analytics and feedback. This way, you can pick the best web design for your website.

2. No Thorough Testing

After using a new website design, you need to test it properly. Look out for the following parameters;

  • Functionality
  • Performance
  • Load-speed
  • Grammar check
  • Cross-platform testing

Testing will make sure that your new website design is free of errors.

3. Looks Over Performance

It would help if you always aimed for a better-performing website. If your website redesign focuses on aesthetics and ignores quality, it will be a disaster.

4. Hiring A Non-Professional Developer

Never hand your website to a rookie developer. Make sure to hire a prestigious Web Design Company Orange County such as GreatLike.

5. Experimenting With Platforms

Choose a platform that is widely used. If you decide to do experimentation with your website, it could be a huge risk.

6. Going Over Budget

Web designing is an expensive market. Make sure to get a budget with your developer first.

7. Complicated Website Design

 A robust and simple website design is better. Don’t overcomplicate things.

8. Rushing Through The Project

Take your time and think everything through. You should find a good design and stick to it.

9. Ignoring SEO

SEO is very important for the ranking of your website. During the redesigning procedure, take SEO into account.

10. Ignoring Your Loyal Customers

Make sure not to stray too far from your brand theme. Customers shouldn’t feel like they are dealing with someone new.

11. Not Setting Proper Goals

Make a list of goals that you want to achieve with your website redesigning.

12. Improper Use Of Integrations

Integrations and plugins could seem buggy if they are not set properly. Use an appropriate number of plugins to make your website colorful and effective.

Orange County Web Design Agency, GreatLike

If you want a website redesign to uplift your eCommerce store, then GreatLike is the best option. It is a local Web Design Company Orange County. You will get personalized treatment. They have a lot of experience. Their experts will not make the common redesigning errors.

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