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11 Steps for Successful Website Development

Posted by | June 23, 2016

11 Steps for Successful Website Development

Today’s business environment mandates a high quality website in order to achieve success. Gone are the days of solely utilizing guerilla marketing, cold calls, and a big yellow book that seemingly has all the answers. Websites are a make-or-break endeavor for your business, so make sure to treat it like one! With our 11 step process you can enjoy better credibility, branding, and exposure.

The only thing separating you from the competition is a click, so let us help make yours count!

1.       Take an SEO Friendly Domain Name

Having a memorable, short, and relevant domain name enables your site to ascend search engine rankings with ease. When a search query is entered, the ultimate goal is to see your website come up before your competition's. With a proper domain name you can maximize visibility and achieve the top ranking you deserve.

2.       Keep it Simple

Too often we find websites cluttered and hard to navigate. Greatlike advises a clean, no frills design for ease of use and accessibility. Remember, if visitors can’t find what they are looking for on your site, the back button is more tempting than deciphering a complicated web page.

3.       Choosing the Right Color Combination

People have favorite colors for a reason. Colors often evoke emotions, which greatly impact your website. If a site is void of color, the page runs the risk of becoming forgettable. Too much color and it ends up looking tacky. Choosing the right scheme can greatly increase time spent on pages.

4.       Branding

A website is only as good as how well it’s remembered. If viewers forget your website two minutes after leaving, what is the point? Branding your site is necessary. To start, create a logo that is both memorable and creative. Visibility is key.

5.       Use Proper Functionality

Who cares how good a website looks… if no one can see it! It is pivotal to perform routine maintenance on the site making sure there are no broken links. If forms are present that can be filled out, make sure they are performing as expected.

6.       Proper URL Structure

Whenever possible use a single domain. No one wants to be directed to another website. The more readable your URL is, the better.

7.       Mobile Friendly Website/Compatibility

Smartphones and mobile devices capable of web browsing are just as if not more important than desktop computers. Because of this popularity, browsers without mobile capabilities are left unused and generate far less traffic than their counterparts.

8.       Integrate Social Media

The digital age has mandated the integration of Social Media. It offers outlets for viewers to express their feelings about your site. It can lead to positive reviews and more exposure for your site with no extra time spent on your part.

9.       Effective Security and Privacy

Many web browsers can identify unsecure websites, immediately turning potential viewers away post warning. If a search engine identifies an unsecure site it is less likely to increase its rankings and gain popularity. Not to mention, information can be stolen if proper security measures are avoided.

10.     Cross Browser Compatibility

Despite what certain webmasters say, upon completion, sites are not compatible for all browsers. Make sure that yours works throughout all the most popular services.

11.     Unique Content

Originality has no substitute. In the world of websites, being labeled a “copier” is never beneficial. An original page with original content sets your site apart from others, increasing SEO, and attracting more visitors due its uniqueness.

Although it may seem simple, hundreds of details must come together for successful creation and implementation. Visions often remain unfulfilled because of miscommunication between developer, designer, and employer. Our tips help lessen the divide and move you one step closer to website success. Contact Greatlike Media for more website tips and tricks.