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How GreatLike’s Digital Marketing Services Can Boost Your Business


When it comes to online marketing, trying to stay relevant can feel overwhelming. Change happens fast, and it's easy to fall behind your competition. A killer digital marketing strategy will do more than simply earning you a few more short-term customers to cover the cost of your investment – it'll grow your business exponentially.

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Is Your Website’s Design Helping Your SEO – Or Hurting It?


Your website might look great, but could its design be hurting your search engine rankings? SEO and web design are more closely linked than many people realize. The search giants are constantly adjusting their ranking algorithms, and generally putting more and more value on a positive user experience. But if you don’t study this stuff full-time, it’s not always clear what a “positive user experience” really means.

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SEO Trends In 2018: How To Get Ranked Higher On Google


It’s a new year, and that can only mean one thing: new ways to think about SEO. Search engines are always evolving, of course. Google updates its algorithm several hundred times each year, though most of the changes are quite minor. And although it’s been a while since we saw a major shake-up to established SEO principles, there are always little clues as to where search is heading – and how we can help your business stand out better than ever.

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How To Choose The Right SEO Expert In Orange County


There was a time when ranking high in online search results was as simple as spamming your preferred keywords, over and over. Not exactly a recipe for user satisfaction! Fortunately, today’s search engines are smarter – and so are the SEO professionals working to optimize their clients’ webpages for Google, Bing, and similar sites. To stand out in a hyper-competitive marketplace, you’ll want the help of a dedicated SEO expert.

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