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Search Engine Optimization: Getting to the Top


SEO put simply is trying to get your business to the top of the page when you are searched in any search engine platform. Now, how to get there? I am specifically going to be talking about Google’s search engine since it is the most popular. Google is a crawler based search engine. This means that they have crawlers looking through all the pages registered, devise a page rank and go off relevance. There is a set Google algorithm that is programmed to use. It is important to continuously be aware of the updates.

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Greatlike Media excels on thumbtack.

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Capture the Target Market Beyond Facebook.


There are so many different social media platforms and different audiences to host to. In this blog I will be discussing the variety of ways to use Pinterest and Instagram in your marketing strategy.

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Social Media: Restaurants


Social Media Marketing is a must these days in having a plan to increase revenues and expanding cliental. In the restaurant business excellent food and customer service is already competitive adding Social Media amplified the competition. Having a social media lets you reach customers in a whole new way. How is it that restaurants build a fan base and use it to the full capacity? These are a couple of methods of how restaurants are successfully using their social media platforms.

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