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Google's Search Algorithm Feature: RankBrain


Google’s search algorithm, or computer program used to sort data and find the most relevant pages for a specific search, is a complicated process that is constantly updating. Launched in 2013, this algorithm, Hummingbird, was created to return better search results while acting both quickly and precisely (hence the name).

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Facebook's New Improved Ads Manager Interface


Facebook is constantly updating its Ads manager to make sure advertisers can use it to its full potential. This month, Facebook introduced some new changes to help you work faster.

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The Importance of Content Marketing


Long gone are the days of traditional marketing. Simple advertisements like direct mailings, billboards, flyers, and newspaper ads are becoming obsolete as content marketing proves its effectiveness time and again. In order to create value for your customer and thus turn a profit, content marketing should be at the top of your to-do list.

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How to Respond to Reviews on Social Media


It’s important for companies to respond to reviews on social media both good and bad because it can earn them more business in the process.

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