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Ad It Up!

Posted by | February 03, 2016

Advertising on Instagram has become a hit ever since it was introduced in 2013.  In December 2015, Instagram recorded over 670 million impressions based on advertisements, and expect that amount to increase by the first quarter of 2016.  With over 400 million daily Instagram users, Instagram has become one of the world’s largest mobile ads platform.  According to research done by Forrester, Instagram leads other social networks with 4.21% engagement per post while Facebook and Twitter are nowhere close, as they do not break 1%. 

One great example highlighting the need to advertise on Instagram is the media campaign by Miachael Kors.  During the early days of Instagram promotions, Michael Kors received four times the amount of likes on their posts compared to their non-promoted pictures.  By promoting on Instagram, Kors reached a global audience of 6.15 million users while receiving 33,000 new followers.

You do not have to be a big name in order to advertise on Instagram!  Anyone with Facebook Business Manager can create advertisements for Instagram, allowing businesses to track their reach and engagement of posts.  Ads are charged per thousand views and will appear on user’s feeds based on the amount of money spent on the campaign.  A word of caution!  Sponsored posts will only show on mobile feeds and not on the web version of Instagram.

Instagram has posted a few tips and tricks on their website on how to effectively use their service for advertising.

Images are on the Brand

Instagram states that in order to have a successful ad, high quality images are a must.  Alongside the quality of the image, the creativity of a post should be memorable to their audience.

Images are Concept Driven

When creating a social media campaign, brands should focus on a story that their posts convey.  Brands should have in mind the vibe and emotion given by their post and to have a theme in their campaign that makes their posts unique and stand out.

We believe that Instagram is a great way to promote your business and service. For more information on how to start promoting on Instagram, go on their homepage and discover whether it is the right fit for you.  Already advertising on Instagram and need help managing your page?  Contact us by email at or call us at 949.342.5419. To learn more, visit

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