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Mobile App Development Vs. Web Development

Posted by | February 23, 2016

 Mobile App Development Vs. Web Development

Since the start of the 21st century, the demand for smart phones has exponentially increased as more and more people are staying connected to the Internet on the go. This mobile increase has also brought other changes, and most businesses are adapting by taking mobile shape. According to a recent trend and technology analysis, one way businesses have developed their mobile presences is by developing mobile apps. Below, we list 10 benefits of implementing a mobile app for your business.

1. Free Download
Most mobile apps are free and have the ability to be downloaded at any time or place. The affordability and convenience is hard to beat; once you download an app, you don’t need to remember a URL or bookmark a webpage. Most animated games, e-commerce mobile apps, and other apps are free on iPhone and Android devices, as opposed to software or web based content that may not be free.  

2. Advanced Features
Many times, mobile apps have the ability to contain more advanced features than web apps. For example, a mobile app game can incorporate gestures, sensors, and more, where a PC game could not. Although there are fewer games for mobile than PC, mobile games are currently in higher demand.

3. Interactivity
Mobile apps provide more opportunities for interaction between customers and vendors. Common examples of this are e-commerce/online shopping mobile apps such as Amazon, Flip-kart, Jabbing, etc. that allow customers to easily contact with vendor through a mobile app. There are many e-commerce websites that are transforming solely into mobile apps based on customer satisfaction and the ease of connecting with their customers.

4. Constant Updates
When it comes to Mobile Apps, there are innumerable updates launched on a daily basis, and newer version are even easier to update than in the web. You may have noticed, but a social media app such as Facebook or Twitter will have more updated versions for their Mobile Apps than for their corresponding websites. In today’s technological world, these constant updates are often what attracts more users, as most users would prefer to work with the latest technology.  

5. Great Mobility
“Mobile”: the word itself stands for the mobility of a device. Mobile apps are supported in iPhone, iPad, mobiles, tablets, etc. and can literally be taken anywhere, even places were wireless internet is not available. The portability of mobile apps are highly attractive, and helps reach a wider audience.    

6. International Use
Mobile Apps can be accessed from any place on the globe. A person can access any document, important file, from anywhere, even when travelling out of the country. As long as you have a mobile device with you, you can access your mobile apps.

7. Coupons and Offers
Various retailers offer discounts and gift vouchers through their mobile apps. Other businesses provide a free service or product for simply downloading the app. Coupons without clipping? Sign us up.

8. On-Demand Entertainment
In this digital world, mobile is believed to be a primary instrument used for entertainment, as people can access their favorite TV shows, movies, and celebrities on-the-go and on-demand. Many businesses have realized how entertaining mobile apps can be, and have capitalized on that worth by publishing videos, articles, and exclusive content through them.

9. Branding
The app icon of the mobile app is a constant reminder of your brand. In a sense, mobile apps serve as free advertisement once a user downloaded the app on his or her phone. It is good idea to keep this in mind when designing an app icon.  

10. Attractive
Because of the limited size screen the content must fit in, apps are generally more simple and possess cleaner designs than web apps. The attraction to mobile apps is based on the clean designs.

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