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Social Media: Restaurants

Posted by | March 17, 2016

Social Media: Restaurants

Social Media Marketing is a must these days in having a plan to increase revenues and expanding cliental. In the restaurant business excellent food and customer service is already competitive adding Social Media amplified the competition. Having a social media lets you reach customers in a whole new way. How is it that restaurants build a fan base and use it to the full capacity?

These are a couple of methods of how restaurants are successfully using their social media platforms.

Simple photo to increase cravings

You have delicious food. Share it with the world. These photos are usually accompanied with a clever one liner. These are usually posted in the morning between 6am-12pm. This is another place to display what you have to offer, take advantage of it.

Philanthropy (giving back)

What have you done for your community lately? Creating a positive environment in your community is important. An option of creating a philanthropic connection with your community is holding fundraisers for causes. The company will give back a certain percentage of the check to the cause with a flyer or circumstances that your company decides on.  Post that your business has these and connect it to the link from your website for how they can set this up.  Your guests will be eating for a cause as well as creating new traffic to the store. Always post anything you do to giving back.

More than posting “specials”

Your social media platforms are more than business posts. If you are just posting your specials, menu, and location you are missing a chance to bond with your customers.  Your platforms are a chance to show your restaurants personality and culture. This is the place to introduce your staff, values and individuality. To let your customers get to know you beyond the logo.

Customer Service

Social media is a chance for you to connect with your costumers like never before.  Earlier on you would never hear from that unsatisfied costumer. Today people are willing to share their thoughts and opinions on restaurants in real time on these platforms.  This created an opportunity for restaurants to give customer service and engage with them on a new level.  Take the costumers concerns and turn them into positive results and thank the costumer who expressed they had a good time at your restaurant.  People appreciate being thanked and asked this gives you the chance to do more of that.

These are a few ways that restaurants are successfully using their social media to maximize exposure and increase sales with minimum cost.  Social media marketing is effective so make every post count.

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