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Search Engine Optimization: Getting to the Top


SEO put simply is trying to get your business to the top of the page when you are searched in any search engine platform. Now, how to get there? I am specifically going to be talking about Google’s search engine since it is the most popular. Google is a crawler based search engine. This means that they have crawlers looking through all the pages registered, devise a page rank and go off relevance. There is a set Google algorithm that is programmed to use. It is important to continuously be aware of the updates.

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Social Media Tips for Emerging Sports Businesses


You do not have to have every type of social media account. Research your fan base, and determine what types of accounts your fans use.

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An Easy Guide to Snapchat


A new way of chatting with your friends! Snapchat is a social media for this generation that gave social media a different function, purpose and definition.

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5 Reasons to Clean up your Social Media: Before Back to School


When was the last time you cleaned up your social media platforms? If the answer is never than it is time to consider cleaning it/them up.

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