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Web Design Dos and Don'ts

Posted by | March 17, 2016

Web Design Dos and Don’ts


Relevant Content

Have your website up to date with the latest information and clean up any old offers or events that are not current anymore.

Cohesive and visually appealing

There is nothing worse than a website that is not visually appealing. This can cause the consumer to look elsewhere. Keep the website uniformed and orderly.

Consistent with offline brand

Use the logos and colors of the company’s offline brand so they are aware that this is indeed the company that they are looking for.

Navigate easily

Consumers can become frustrated and irritated if the information that they are searching for is complicated to find.  Organize information by appropriate categories and links.

Easy language

Use language that can be easily understood and recognized by the consumer.

Expected Pages

These pages are must haves for all website. About us, Contact info, Customer service, FAQ(return policy, etc.), Privacy.  They are anticipated on every website. As well as increase the perception of customer service is present.

Test and re test

Try and try again, see what works best for your company and take note of what did not. This is your business no one knows it like you.



Do not clutter (K.I.S.S.)

Too much information can be over overwhelming and unappealing.

Avoid Spelling and Grammar errors

Nothing can discredit your business more than your spelling and grammar.

No constantly moving elements

This is irritating to the viewer and makes the web page appear unprofessional.

Long Scrolling Pages

Understand that the consumer scans and does not read everything.  They will not scroll all the way to the bottom.

Get discouraged

It takes time to develop a web page that will meet all needs. It is lengthy and difficult. If you need help we have people email and we can answer your questions.