Cross Timbers Hiking Trail Lake Texoma
January 5, 2022

Cross Timbers Hiking Trail Lake Texoma

Life truly thrives around water bodies. Lake Texoma is an embodiment of that notion. The largest water reservoir in Texas with the longest shoreline offers endless prospects for tourists. For this reason, there are always people heading towards this lake. 

Texas is not the best terrain for hiking as we all know it. However, Lake Texoma is a different story. The atmosphere around the lake is different than the sandy terrains of dusty Texas. 

This article will go over hiking opportunities and Cabins Near Lake Texoma.

Lake Texoma Cabins – Anglers Hideaway Cabins

If you are going to visit Lake Texoma, for whatever reason, you should book a cabin. Of course, camping is an option, but it is not the best option out there. You can’t spend all your nights out in the open. Moreover, it would help if you had a place to put your stuff in and rest after a long day of fun has ended. Camping is also not the safest idea at Lake Texoma if you have valuable stuff.

Anglers Hideaway Cabins offer the best Lake Texoma Cabin Rentals. Their cabins are fully equipped with an oven, washing machine, stove, satellite TV, etc. You can browse their website and book the cabin that fits your needs. 

Cross Timbers Hiking Trail

Cross Timbers Hiking trail is known to be one of the “toughest trails in Texas.” The trail is adjacent to Lake Texoma’s southern shoreline for 14 miles. It is at the Texas/Oklahoma border. Experts rate the trail as “moderately difficult.” It is located at a 90-minute distance from Dallas/Fort Worth. You can head towards the fort if you want to experience another wilderness adventure.

The Route

The trail begins at Juniper Point West off highway 377 and meanders west two miles high above the lake on rocky ledges to Cedar Bayou resort. There is a nice little restaurant at Cedar Bayou, the floating dock restaurant. We would suggest that you make a stop at the restaurant, especially if you are visiting in the summer. It is good to eat a little bit before you start the trial. 

The trail then sways towards the west of Lost Camp. The next and first camping spot is a “5-mile camp,” conveniently located at a 5-mile distance from the starting point. This part of the trail is very scenic, with the thick oak wilderness along most of the trail. 

After the 5-mile camp, the terrain is very flat and steep. You should consider turning back if you can’t climb that height easily. The steep route lasts till the Eagles Roost. The trail then turns into a dirt road with a wooden bridge on the way. There is a resort on the trail, but it is closed. The next spot is the Rock Creek Camp. You can have a friend pick you up from there at your 14-mile trail hike. 

First Aid Kit

Make sure to take a first aid kit with you. You would also need a lot of water and some food during the hiking. The authorities suggest not to wander off the trail as there might be some animals in the wild.

You will be very tired after this hike, and we advise you not to travel back the same day. However, you can rest in your Lake Texoma cabins.


Cross Timbers Hiking Trail is not an easy trail, but it is very fun. We would say that it is worth it if you have the time to spare. Lake Texoma Cabin rentals are a must for people who decide to go on this trail. 

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