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Case Study Tri Haircare Professional Products


Tri Haircare is an online retailer who sells top of the line hair care products. They have been in business for over 20 years, but were struggling to figure out how to adapt to the digital age before working with GreatLike Media.


We see GreatLike Media as an extension of our internal marketing team, which, for a fast growing company, gives us tremendous leverage when building out and scaling new user channels.

Jamie Calver

Vice President

Case Study Bass Energy Exploration

Bass Energy Exploration is an oil fracking company who has been in business for over 40 years. Their business model requires them to constantly seeking out high ticket investors (minimum $30,000) who can invest in new oil-drilling projects. Prior to working with Greatlike Media, Bass Energy was using outdated methods to acquire new leads (cold calling & buying leads) and since working with GreatLike Media, Bass Energy has completely shifted to digital advertising as the medium to acquire new potential investors for all future projects.

12 Month Ad Spend: $32,390

Total Leads:438

Total Leads Closed:34

Average Investment Per Lead Closed:$36,280

Return on Ad Spend:3,810%



No matter what kind of business you own,
a robust online marketing strategy is necessary to maximize your revenue.

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GreatLike Media provides professional, customized solutions in web design, software development, and digital marketing. As an SEO Company Orange County, we have a dedicated and experienced team of SEO, PPC, social media, graphic design, and programming professionals, and our expertise stems from the fact that we thoroughly understand today’s technologies while also having over a decade of experience in our respective niche.

While our team diligently strives to meet your needs, our solutions are cost effective and high quality. We also take into considerations a range of factors such as your business goals, economic budget, and time frame. We are capable of delivering a project with a relatively quick turnaround time while also ensuring that we constantly remain in touch with you by offering the highest level of support and communication throughout the duration of your project. For companies looking for a Digital Marketing Agency Orange County, be sure to choose Greatlike Media.