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Exposure is paramount, period. Our display advertisements are working to constantly introduce and remind people about your company, regardless of where they are on the internet. A much more cost effective route to advertising than billboards and full-page Yellow Pages ads, display ads won’t get passed by as your customers drive down the interstate. 

As customers browse the web and visit other non-related websites, they will see your strategically placed display ads around and within the content of those webpages. We use the 9 most statistically effective banner sizes in our display ads, and fill them with rich media, graphics and text. This streamlined method of display advertising results in a greater ROI for business owners.

Our methods allow business owners to target specific geographic regions, content-related websites, or even track the behavior of qualified customers. Our goal is to make your ads relevant and get your ads seen by interested customers.

If you’re looking for an all-out bombardment of reminders of your company or products, and don’t want to break the bank, choose one of GreatLike Media’s display ads packages.


Retargeting is a type of display advertising that targets consumers that have already visited your website. After the consumer leaves your webpage, GreatLike Media is able to “retarget” those customers by placing a display ad back in front of them while they navigate to other non-related pages.

This is an incredibly cost effective and efficient way to stay in front of a consumer who has left your page and has not converted into a sale.

Matrix Shafts

Matrix Shafts is a company that creates world class golf shafts. Their products are tailor made to suit the needs of the player, improving overall club feel, ball flight and trajectory. 

Matrix Shafts retargets their customers by utilizing display ads. As you can see below, their display ads show up on the sides, top and bottom of browsers after their audience has viewed their website. It is easy to see how much more effective it is to retarget the audience that has already been qualified (from a visit to your site) instead of targeting a new or unqualified audience.

Once someone has shown interest in your product, make sure that you continue to remind them of your business by using GreatLike Media’s retargeting display ads.