Effective Ways to Reduce Bounce Rates In Google Analytics
March 24, 2022

Effective Ways to Reduce Bounce Rates In Google Analytics

If you are a website owner for a business, you must be familiar with bounce rates. Nothing hurts more than seeing a website’s bounce rates going up.

If you are worried about poor bounce rates of your website, this article will help you reduce them efficiently using google analytics. There is also a Dallas web design agency recommendation for our readers.

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Tips To Reduce Bounce Rates

Before learning about ways to reduce your bounce rates, keep in mind that you aim for anywhere between 40-60% for a good bounce rate percentage. Anything lower than 40% is considered exceptionally good.

1. Funnel Style Website

A very easy way to reduce bounce rates and gain your audience’s attention for a longer period is to transition to a funnel-style website. Funnel-style websites are designed in such a way that they accomplish more sales than regular ones. Customers are presented with a linear pathway that ends with a choice/decision about the purchase.

2. Search Box

People quit your website most of the time because they didn’t find what they were looking for. A very easy fix for this problem is including a search box on top of your website. This way, whenever a person thinks about quitting your site, they could search the desired query, reducing your bounce rates.

3. Insert Links

Many website developers include links to the other website pages within other pages of the same website. This is a very smart technique, and most viewers would be tempted to check out other relevant information about the subject and visit those links.


This article is an easy guide to help people achieve better bounce rates. If you can’t seem to get a handle on your poor bounce rates, web design company Dallas, GreatLike is always one call away.

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