Emerging Program Areas in Higher Education
April 7, 2022

Emerging Program Areas in Higher Education

The pandemic year 2020 has affected our educational system so that it can never be the same. If you own an educational organization, you must transition with the trends. If not, become the trendsetter to survive in the business.

According to major education marketing companies, this article will guide you about emerging program areas.

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Emerging Program Areas

As we mentioned earlier, times have changed, business and marketing programs are not the primary options for new students. Here are some emerging program areas; you should consider offering these in your organization to boost your enrollment rates.

1. Programming Degrees

Computers are taking over the world. More accurately, they have already taken over. Over the past decades, programming-related education has received a lot of interest from students. It would help if you offered programming degrees in your organization.

2. AI-Related Programs

There is no debate about it whether Artificial Intelligence is the future. New students are considering these programs with utmost interest, and the enrollment rates are also higher than they have ever been. By offering AI-related programs, you can guarantee an increased enrollment number for your business.

3. Aerospace Programs

Higher education organizations have always missed out on aeronautical study programs. These programs require a higher level of commitment on behalf of the organization. However, these programs are worth their weight in gold.

4. Research and Development Programs

The research and development industry, more commonly known as the R&D industry, is probably the fastest growing industry in the world. These programs would require an experienced yet non-conventional faculty; however, if you set it up correctly, these study programs will boost the revenue for your organization.


Education marketing companies emphasize the importance of adopting emerging program areas. This approach is necessary for the survival and escalation of an educational organization.

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