Getting Involved In Today’s World Of Social Media
June 16, 2022

Getting Involved In Today’s World Of Social Media

Social media has changed and will continue to change the world everyday. If you would have asked a business 15 to 20 years ago if social media was essential to their business, the answer would have been a hard no. In today’s world, if your company doesn’t have social media, is it really a company? Now more than ever, social media is viewed as an unspoken requirement that companies should have. It is key to have social media included in your company’s digital marketing plan.

Through social media companies can gain brand recognition, boost their sales, attain new customers, and promote their products or services. If you have not boarded the social media train, it is important you start before you and your company get left behind. The experts at our Orange County Digital Marketing Agency have compiled a list of social media platforms they believe your company should have. Our Digital Marketing Agency Orange County has found these 2 social media platforms to be the most popular platforms for businesses to join.


Facebook is one of the oldest social media platforms that is still alive and well. Today, many businesses use Facebook if they wish to promote their products and services to an older demographic. You can create advertisements on this platform, lead forms, and create groups. However, not many young individuals use this social media platform to post about their everyday lives. Young individuals just use this platform as a way to communicate with their uncles, aunts, grandmother, grandfather, etc. I think you get the idea. Facebook is known for being mostly used by the older generations. 


Instagram is considered to be one of the hottest social media platforms if not the hottest one being used today. Instagram is owned by Facebook and also provides companies with the ability to boost posts and create ads. Instagram is used by mostly Millennials. On this platform, you can post pictures and or videos and caption them. This can showcase your product If you are trying to reach a larger audience or find new customers. Instagram is one of the most highly recommended social media platforms to join to help your company grow, besides Facebook.

Both Instagram and Facebook should be required social media platforms for your business to have if you want to make your brand known. It is important that you use social media as part of your company’s digital marketing plan. Social media is viewed as essential and can only help benefit your company. As experts in digital marketing and well-known for being an Orange County Web Design Company, we encourage your business to use social media platforms to help grow your brand. At GreatLike Media, we help businesses grow through digital marketing and our web design services. We are known as the best Web Design Company Orange County for a reason. Let us boost your business and help your company grow. To learn more about what we have to offer, visit our website for more information.

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