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Santa Ana Web Design Company

Proudly Serving the Orange County Area

GreatLike Media is a leading web design and web development company servicing the Santa Ana area. Santa Ana, being the 4th densest city in the United States, has a large amount of new and existing businesses that we can service. Our mission is to create a platform which promotes and ingrains the brands of businesses through professional website design. Our Santa Ana Website Designers are incredibly bold, creative, and industry-savvy.

Our specialists come experienced to adjust to the eccentricities of each challenge that our clients may face. Our dynamic methods for website development will enhance your vision and your online visibility. Our streamlined web development process enables us to be efficient, and allows for you to follow the process along the project timeline. Our website design and graphic artist staff empower your vision, giving it life and a stunning appearance. Through skilled coding, our developers coordinate the use of HTML,, PHP, JavaScript and MySQL to synchronize the growth of your website with the growth of your business.

We offer web design and web development services for all types of business, in Santa Ana, at affordable rates. All of our web designs are designed with a responsive layout, making the website format properly to any device the visitor may be using. Our e-commerce solutions allow Santa Ana business owners to track and manage the sales & retention processes and the CMS configuration; and our meticulous oversight of the programming process assures quality and accuracy.


Santa Ana’s population is currently 335,000! With this amount of potential clients, it is important to know how and where they search. The major trend that marketing is heading towards is mobile internet usage. In fact, over 50 percent of web based activity comes from mobile phones; a significant paradigm shift from years past. In order to adapt to this wave of change, it is absolutely imperative that your website shows up in a responsive format.

Responsive web design simplifies internet marketing and search engine optimization. More appropriately explained, all of a webpage’s content automatically adapts to the device upon which it is displayed. This means that the important content you want your clients to see or experience isn’t lost beyond the borders of the screen.

In the past, business owners had to manage multiple pages, each unique and specifically designed for different sized devices; this was a tedious and expensive process. Responsive design allows business owners to take a unified approach to content management simply because responsive design provides one single site to manage.

GreatLike Media understands the importance of simplicity and a properly polished digital image. All of our sites are done in a customized responsive design to ensure that the pride that you take in your business is beautifully embodied within your online presence.


Just as Santa Ana is close to the major freeways in Southern California, we know the importance of accessibility. Ease of accessibility online has become even more paramount in today’s society. More and more people are looking to buy online, and GreatLike Media gets your business there. With our e-commerce solutions, you can capitalize on customers viewing your page by offering them a platform to purchase your product online.

Your website is your 24-hour, 7-days-a-week salesman. Our e-commerce integration solutions enable your company to seamlessly create interest, connect, and sell your products. If you own a physical store, our e-commerce solutions allow you to overcome geographical limitations and reach farther than just Santa Ana.

Selling online breaks the barriers by which brick-and-mortar business are constrained, and GreatLike Media can help you break through.


After studying the workflow of your business, we customize your content management system to increase efficiency. We construct a content management system as part of your website in order to provide your staff with the power to control content. This will give your business the ability to publish, edit, and modify content. Providing your staff with the power of editorial control provides your business with the valuable content oversight needed to increase your business' flexibility and ability to adjust to the market effectively. 


Creating Profitability Through Precision™ is our trademark. To achieve this, each step of the website development process is stringently evaluated, critiqued and tested; we let nothing slip through the cracks. As web development nears the completion stages, your site will be tested on a multitude of different devices to ensure proper visibility and optimal customer satisfaction.

In a world of immediate gratification, speed is also key. That is why we verify every piece of code and perform multiple load speed optimization tests. Rest assured that when your site goes live, it will be in perfect working order.

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