Using Texting in Educational Recruitment Process
April 28, 2022

Using Texting in Educational Recruitment Process

Text messaging is far from being irrelevant. Texting is still one of the most instant, basic, and reliable forms of communication. As is reported by an education marketing agency, many students still use text messaging. This article will explain everything you need to know about texting for the recruitment process.

Higher Education Marketing Agency – EduMedia

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Importance Of Texting

Texting has ended up the desired mode of communique for many Americans, and corporations and groups are capitalizing on the benefit and direct non-public connections that texting affords. According to the ZipWhip State of Texting 2020 Report, approximately 68% of corporations say they use a few shapes of texting. It’s a clever approach given that approximately ninety percent of adults international personal a smartphone.

Yet recruitment groups are much more likely to apply e-mail or calls to talk with college students. Only approximately 36% of graduate college recruiting groups say they use textual content messages as a part of their recruiting approach. Only approximately 45% say they supply college students the possibility to opt-in for SMS messages. In perspective, establishments are more likely to ship unsolicited mail to college students who’ve expressed hobbies than they may be to ship textual content messages, even though college students appear to opt for texting.

Laws And Regulations

Several state and federal laws prevent and monitor organizations from contacting people via text messaging for marketing. Hence, check with your education marketing agency to get your messages approved. Moreover, make sure that your marketing doesn’t violate The Telephone Consumer Protection Act and the CAN-SPAM act.


Here are some tips to boost your recruitment rates:

  • Sound Personal and Excited to Attract Potential Students
  • It Shouldn’t Look Like You Copy-Pasted from A Text
  • Please Give Them a Link and A Phone Number To Contact Your Organization Directly


Texting is a very important way of recruitment of new students. Higher education marketing agency, EduMedia is a great option to figure out your messaging planning strategy.

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