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Content Creation


Utilizing GreatLike Media’s blogging service will help advance your brand by increasing your website’s organic rank through SEO-targeted keyword blogging. We have different plans that include at least one blog per month, but we always suggest being as active as possible by providing high-quality and unique content on a weekly basis for your customers.

We have a small team of creative writers who have written for a multitude of companies, ranging from small local businesses to publicly traded firms. Our writers produce excellent content for any type of business by digging deep into the client’s niche and mastering how to create a voice for the client through creative and precise writing.


Sending our newsletters to your customers or potential customers is the best way to keep them in the loop on what your business is up to. This is the best way to announce a new product or service to your email list. Whether you have a couple emails on your list or thousands, we can create specific newsletter campaigns for you that will echo across all social media platforms.

Press Releases

Our small team of creative writers also create press releases for clients who need to kick their branding into overdrive. By distributing a press release, your business will be picked up by multiple news outlets all around the web. We make sure to work with your company to fully understand your vision and how you want to be heard.

Video Production

GreatLike Media has a strategic partnership with Iron Well Productions to bring the power of video to our clients! Iron Well Productions specializes in producing high quality, strategy-based videos that work hand in hand with our services to optimize your brands online presence. With their data driven production, we have the strategy, development practices, and creative capabilities to produce any project aligned with your company’s goals!