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Greatlike Media provides innovative mobile app solutions to keep you one step ahead of the competition.

One of the best mobile app development company in Orange County, California. Our app developers have expertise in developing all kinds of mobile applications.

    Client Crystaltimes - USA Based Seiko Mod Parts Supplier
    Client Custom Packaging - Custom front end design to showcase
    Client Dill Purple Geniuses tv Learning Channel
    Client LA Mask Pros - Face Mask Online Store
    Client Interior Designers Institute
    Jade Range - Home of the best commercial ranges
    Client Fetii - Group Rideshare Solutions
    Client Vocational Improvement Program, Inc. Provides Employment for Persons with Disabilities
    Client Plan Check - Constructability Review Guidelines
    Client Streamline Construction -Orange County general contractor
    Client Egg Whites International
    Client Magner International- Counters Machines

    GreatLike Media is Orange County, best mobile app development company that develops a business-centric, secure, and dynamic mobile application.


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    There are many common questions that you might have in your mind. We have tried to cover some of them to give you a clear picture.

    A mobile app can bring many benefits to you. Here is a list of reasons why you should go for a mobile application development company. 

    • It offers you a better and more effective way to attract your potential customers. 
    • You can have quick conversions with a feature-rich mobile app. 
    • You can offer more personalized offers with a mobile app. 
    • You can go for more customer-oriented activities with a mobile app. 
    • Mobile apps offer more engagement compared to desktop websites. 
    • You can come up with more loyalty programs and promotional activities. 
    • Mobile apps also help in brand-building. 
    • They are cost-effective and offer great ROI. 
    • You can get a competitive edge over your rivals. 

    It is important to understand that the time duration for mobile app development depends on many factors such as the scope and size of the project, the design and development of features you want to add to the app, complexity, third-party APIs, and others.

    We have a team of Android and iOS app developers who possess sheer subject matter expertise. Our mobile app developers have a highly impressive track record and deliver projects on time. Furthermore, they are equipped with the right technologies and tools to develop high-end, results-driven mobile apps. Let them build engaging mobile apps for your business to get a competitive edge. We also sign an NDA for data confidentiality and security.

    Android is a mobile operating system developed by Google to build touchscreen devices, cellphones, and tablets. It has more than 2.5 billion active users worldwide and is the market leader when it comes to the mobile app industry. Android apps are faster, more efficient, and offer a seamless experience to users while using them.

    Native mobile apps are mobile apps that are specifically designed for a certain platform such as Android or iOS. Native apps offer faster performance and superior user experience. However, it might cost you more compared to hybrid apps. If you don’t have any budget constraints, you can go for native app development as it offers the best ROI.

    Hybrid app development is a cost-effective solution that can be built with the elements of native apps and web apps. Mostly, hybrid apps are written in front-end languages such as CSS and JavaScript. Hybrid apps have cross-platform functionalities and are easy to maintain and use.

    Cross-platform apps are mobile apps that can run on all mobile app platforms such as Windows, iOS and Android. In cross-platform app development, code reusability plays a major part. Once the code is written and is used for multiple platforms for app development. Cross-platform apps also look and feel like native apps and offer good performance. They are cost-effective compared to native apps.

    Your mobile app’s design is your first interaction with a potential customer. If you fail to impress him, he might probably abandon your app or uninstall it. This is the reason why mobile app design is very important. You need to have an uncluttered, simple, clean, and intuitive UI design that offers a great user experience to app visitors.

    Yes, even after deployment, we will ensure that your mobile app keeps offering a seamless user experience. Whether you want to add some new features or upgrade your app, we will respond immediately. In case of bugs or errors, we will respond quickly and address the issues upfront.

    Check the Top 5 Factors for Finding Custom Software, Web, and Mobile App Development Companies:

    • Qualification and Experience
    • References and Portfolio
    • App Development Cost
    • Communication Process
    • Client Focus