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Let our Social Media marketers carve a tailor-made social media marketing plan for the platform your target audience uses. Hire services of social media marketing in Orange County.

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    Social media marketing is one of the digital marketing approaches. If you want more leads and conversions via social media profiles, hire our digital marketing experts for a full-fledged digital marketing strategy for your business.


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    There are many common questions that you might have in your mind. We have tried to cover some of them to give you a clear picture.

    Social media marketing is a fresh and innovative digital marketing initiative that helps businesses to increase their reach on various social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, and others. You need to hire professional social media marketing services or establish an in-house team of experts for that.

    Social media marketing is all about designing a carefully-thought plan for one or multiple social media platforms to reach out to your target audience and to notify them about your business, offerings, and other business or industry-related news and information.

    Social media marketing is a great, cost-effective, and highly beneficial strategy to boost your leads and improve your chances to make your brand more positive and visible.

    There are many benefits of hiring services for social media marketing in Orange County. Here, we have discussed a few of them. 

    • You can improve your brand voice and positive brand awareness with social media marketing. It gives you an opportunity to directly interact with your potential customers or followers. A thought-out social media marketing plan can hit the bull’s eye if you implement it thoughtfully. 
    • Social media marketing also allows you to engage your target audience through various polls, surveys, and other interactive means. Also, brands can engage their audience by commenting on their posts or replying to their comments. No other platform offer such luxury to brands. 
    • Social media marketing can help improve your customer service by replying to their queries through social media accounts. You can see that most brands have their official handles on Twitter and Facebook and they reply to queries or complaints from customers smartly and quickly. 
    • Social media marketing efforts can help you to become a thought leader. You can post your strong views on social media accounts to notify your users about your stand on current issues or news. Furthermore, you can get a unique opportunity to share your offerings in a unique way on social media presence. 
    • Also, social media marketing allows you to check what your competitors are doing. It might give you some insights on what strategy to follow for social media platforms. 

    You can redirect your social media traffic on your website with social media marketing services

    • We have a team of expert social media marketing managers who will leave no stone unturned to design and implement a tailor-made social media marketing strategy for your business. 
    • We have years of experience in the online marketing strategy, domain and very well understand the know-how of the industry and marketing techniques.
    • We cover almost all social media channel platforms and choose one that perfectly suits your business for marketing purposes. Our extensive client research includes target audience research, competitor analysis, social media marketing planning, content creation and implementation. 
    • We report directly to our clients and that too regularly about the campaign progress and other key details.
    • We have separate paid and organic teams of social media enthusiasts who will stop at nothing to offer you the best outcomes. Our services of social media marketing in Orange County cover all the aspects to get you a competitive edge for small businesses to large firms.

    Well, there is no fixed answer to this question. You will need to research a bit to get the real answer for it.

    For example, if your target audience uses Facebook and you run an extensive Twitter campaign, it will do no good to you. You need to first check which social media platform your target audience uses and then design a plan for that. When you choose the right platform for social media marketing in Orange County, you will get maximum conversions.

    Well, the social media manager assigned to you would be the best person to answer this question. Generally, when it comes to Facebook, you should post at least once in a week.

    For Twitter, it should be 10-12 times a week. For Instagram, experts believe to post 3-5 times a week. Again, your social media advertisements manager would determine the frequency of your posts on various social media accounts.

    Social media marketing is not an expensive marketing approach compared to traditional marketing strategies. However, it depends on how much budget you can allocate for this social media networks approach. Each social media platform has unique ad spending limitations. It is wise to start with a minimum amount and then gradually increase it.

    A boosted post is a post that you already published on your timeline and you want to spend some amount to increase the reach of the created content post. When you boost a post, it will be shown to users’ news feeds.

    On the other hand, a Facebook ad created through the Ads Manager offers more customization to businesses such as ad placements, campaign objectives, and others.

    Yes, Facebook Ads offer a greater ROI than other social media marketing efforts. You can go for Facebook Ads without any hesitation. However, you need to have the right people who can execute the plan.

    Hire GreatLike Media, a renowned social media marketing agency offering services of social media marketing Orange County to run successful Facebook Ads.