April 27, 2016

3 Facebook Tips You Didn’t Know About

We are always looking for ways to help our clients grow their social media platforms to help grow their businesses and brand recognition. We use these on a daily basis and have seen substantial results. They are easy and will take minimal time out of your busy day.

The Invite Button

There is an easy way to invite people that already have interest in your page. They have already liked your post but forgot to like your page. This is an easy way to remind them.

Click on the people that have liked or reacted to your post. You will see their name and two icons; “invite” and the gear. Click on invite and they will get sent a notification that says “your page” invited you to like their page.

Clicking on the notification will direct them straight to your Facebook page and they can like your page.

Go through your past posts and see how many have people have liked your posts, but not your page and invite them. It is surprising how many people will like it after you invite them.

Actively Like/Comment on Neighboring Companies

This will help with your brand recognition and bring awareness that your business is nearby. How do you find them? In the search bar insert a city, say Orange, then go to pages and there is a list of your neighbors.

We like 5 new neighbor pages, 10 neighboring businesses posts, and comment on at least 5 different posts a day. It builds interest and curiosity.

They often return the favor soon after. As the relationship builds, they may even share your posts exposing your business to their clientele. People are constantly searching for services so it will pay to be in the right place at the right time.

Facebook Search Bar

Have you searched your business in Facebook’s search bar lately? It will show you everything anyone whose profile is public has posted. Take the time to thank them or share the post. Social media is all about building relationships. This is one more way to show your customers you are listening.

Take these tips and watch the instant results. Feel free to share with your network to help them out. Liked what you read?

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