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Tailor-Made, Business-Centric Web Design Services

What does web and graphic design mean to you? It is not just about selecting the website layout, fonts, colors, and other aspects of the page. It is much more than that. A website design will determine the success of your business and you need to give a great deal of time and effort to the task. Hire our experienced web designers with rich experience and expertise in offering the best-in-class Newport Beach web design services.

Our web and graphic designers at GreatLike Media, the best Newport Beach web design company, are creative professionals with sharp technical acumen. Their strong characteristic is research. They don’t just design websites, they perfectly and carefully craft the best designs that reflect your business and policies. From selecting the right fonts to navigation, they micro-manage everything to give you the best shot to woo your customers.

Client Crystaltimes - USA Based Seiko Mod Parts Supplier
Client Custom Packaging - Custom front end design to showcase
Client Dill Purple Geniuses tv Learning Channel
Client LA Mask Pros - Face Mask Online Store
Client Interior Designers Institute
Jade Range - Home of the best commercial ranges
Client Fetii - Group Rideshare Solutions
Client Vocational Improvement Program, Inc. Provides Employment for Persons with Disabilities
Client Plan Check - Constructability Review Guidelines
Client Streamline Construction -Orange County general contractor
Client Egg Whites International
Client Magner International- Counters Machines

Mobile-Friendly Web Design

Various reports reveal that millennials access websites through their smartphones. What if your website is not mobile-friendly and does not open properly on mobile devices? You will lose a large chunk of potential customers. Hire Newport Beach web design services by GreatLike Media to build highly mobile-responsive, User friendly websites that are device-centric and offer a seamless experience to users who open it on any smartphone or tablet.


Requirement-Based Web Design

When it comes to designing, our approach is unique and different. We do believe that each business has unique requirements and objectives. We offer requirement-based web design services that cater to your custom needs and business objectives. Our web designers will first understand your project requirements and then come up with a design plan that caters to your expectations and serves your business objectives. Hire our web design Newport Beach services now.

Wireframing and Design Creation

Wireframing gives you a clear picture of how your website will look and how it will function. It has all the elements of the website such as content, visuals, tables, a header, a footer, and other components. Once the wireframes are done, they are sent to the client for approval. Then, once the approval arrives, designers will move to the next phase of web design creation.


Website Development and Integration

Once the design is ready, the development team will start developing the pages. The actual web development starts now. Now, our web designers will start filling sections with text, images, and other elements such as menus. Also, if you want to integrate your website with any third-party APIs or existing systems, our designers will do that.

Testing and Deployment

The final stage of the process is testing the design thoroughly. Our team is equipped with the right testing tools and employs high-end testing methodologies in place to test the website thoroughly. Any bugs or errors will be redirected to the design team and they will address them immediately.

Not just that, we will also offer them the right support for website deployment. Our development team will help you thoroughly to make your website live and take care of the issues arising during the process.

Hire Newport Beach web design services company now.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are many questions or queries you might have. Here is a list of questions we have answered for you.

Yes, we can customize your existing themes as per your requirements. Our website design experts have a proven track record of customizing themes and plugins. If you want to develop a custom plugin from scratch, we can do that too.

Yes, if you want us to report to you on a daily basis, we can make it possible for you. Apart from that, you will be in a constant loop throughout the project and your inputs will be incorporated.

Yes, our web design experts have rich experience in the domain and have the sheer expertise to offer you the best outcomes. You can rely on their technical expertise. They stay updated with the latest web design trends and deliver the project on time.

Yes, research is a key part of our web design process. We will discuss in length about your business, goals, perspectives, target audience, competitors, and other aspects. We will design a web design strategy accordingly.

Here is a list of the latest web design trends that we follow:

  • Uncluttered web design 
  • Responsive motion designs 
  • Abstract illustrative design
  • Web-based scavenger hunt design 
  • App-like user experience, etc.