June 30, 2020

Top 3 Considerations for School Website Design

Getting a school website is one very good way to ensure that your school does not get called by parents often to make inquiries all the time. The presence of a school’s website makes it easy for them to get all the information they need at the same or at different times. 

The era of passing general information through kids to their parents is long gone, as that is effective and in many cases, the parents never get this information. 

Now, when it comes to getting a school website, one of the most important things to consider is the design. The design is the entire interface of the website, it is what tells people about your school, so it has to come out perfectly. 

You should know that whatever impression visitors to your site get, of the site, is the same impression they will judge your establishment by, and it does not matter if it is different. First impression is everything, in this case, your first impression is your school website design.

There are a few things to consider when getting your school website design and some of them include: 

Your audience: Your audience naturally should be parents- both those who already have wards in your school and those who are planning to enroll their kids in your school. What do you think they would like? What kind of school are you? Are you the school for middle-class people? Or do you cater to the elite community? All of these should help in designing the website. You want the people visiting the site to feel welcomed, and the one way to do so is to create a design that they can relate to. A design that makes them feel at home. Remember, the first impression is everything, and your design is the first impression they have about your establishment. 

Adaptation to mobile devices: A parent does not want to wait to get home, bring out their PC before they can check on the new information update regarding their wards’ education. In like manner, a parent does not want to wait until they can grab a PC before they can check a school’s website to see if it is a good fit for their kid. Anything that cannot be done on the phone these days should have been left in the 90s. This is the mobile age, we want to do everything on the go. So whatever website you are designing, it had better be able to adapt to mobile devices. 

The competition: Make no mistakes, you are in a competition with a lot of other schools out there. Each one with a goal to catch the same audience you are trying to catch. You will have to do some research and some digging. Your goal? To make sure you do so much better than they did. It is very legal.

All of these and other factors that were not mentioned here look like a lot of work, however, you do not have to do all that work. Leave your school website design in the hands of a capable and professional school website designer, and get everything done right.

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