June 24, 2019

Benefits of using Mailchimp

Email Marketing is an important tool when it comes to digital marketing. 92% of internet users have at least one email account. Using email marketing can allow you to reach more people, have people remember your company, and increase company awareness. Emails are very beneficial when it comes to enhancing your relationship with current and previous customers. This can also encourage customer loyalty and bring in engaging shoppers to your company site. As an orange county Digital Marketing Agency, we find that email marketing as a digital marketing method is quite beneficial. Our experts recommend using Mailchimp. Mailchimp is an automated marketing platform. They currently have 11 million users and 4 billion contacts. Mailchimp focuses on email marketing, ads, landing pages, and CRM tools.

1. Build Email Campaigns

With Mailchimp, it is very easy to create and build email campaigns. If coming up with creative campaigns isn’t your strong suit, Mailchimp provides you with pre-built templates. On this platform, they have over 100 templates and designs you can use to best fit the message you are going to send. You are able to organize the content, add your own style, and include images. In addition, this platform also provides you with ready-made segments and i-click automations. Mailchimp wants businesses to be able to use their platform with ease and create engaging email campaigns that are intended to deliver a higher ROI. Another cool feature that Mailchimp provides is the ability to monitor ROI with detailed revenue reports. You can track sales from a click all the way to checkout. You can know which customers bought something from your company after opening the campaign. It also shows you what they bought and how much money your campaign has earned.

2. Built-In Analytics

Another useful resource Mailchimp provides is built-in analytics. With the built-in analytics, you are able to see how your campaigns are performing. You are able to view the open rate, click rate, the number of users that opened your email, the number of users that clicked your email, the number of emails that bounced, and the number of users that unsubscribed. Mailchimp provides you with personalized recommendations on how to improve your open rates for your email campaigns.

3. CRM Tools

The CRM tools integrated in Mailchimp is meant to help build your relationship with your clients stronger. These tools are meant to help you attain better and improving results with each campaign. In the CRM tools, the resources available to help your email campaigns includes the Audience Dashboard and the Predicted Demographics.

The Audience Dashboard is meant to help you understand your client’s behaviors and preferences. It also shows you patterns in the data it collects and helps to keep tabs on trends. The dashboard also suggests how to reach out to clients based on how they interact with the email campaigns. Also included in the CRM tools are Predicted Demographics. The Predicted Demographics help categorize your audience by their gender and their age. This is intended to help to focus your email campaign advertising to what appeals to your audience.   

Overall, Mailchimp is a very resourceful platform when it comes to email marketing. Mailchimp is super easy to use and you can create email campaigns that you can also keep track of. This platform provides you with pre-made templates if you don’t feel comfortable with your creativity skills. You can also see how many of your customers have opened the email campaign and made a purchase. Feel free to contact us with questions you have to improve your business!


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