March 17, 2016

5 Easy Ways to Engage Your Facebook Audience

Now your company has a business Facebook page and you try your best to put out a post here and there, but how is the success of your business Facebook page measured? It’s all through something called “Engagement.” No congratulatory celebration here, no one is getting married, Facebook engagement is a way to measure how your Facebook audience reacts to your post, it is measuring their involvement with sharing, liking, and commenting.

Here are 5 tips on how to engage your business Facebook Audience:

1. Photos

“A picture is worth a thousand words”, in this case its worth ” likes,” shares and comments. Pictures are simple and attention grabbing. When a Facebook user is scrolling through their news-feed, how often do they notice the picture versus a standard text post? – Picture has proven to be more effective. This is a good opportunity to post a link along with the photo to promote more traffic to your business’ website.

2. Fill in the blanks

Fill-in-the-blanks are always fun and a great way to display that human touch. It is also an easy way to receive short comments, which then encourage your audience to react and interact. “_____ Is my favorite menu item at [Your Business Name]” would be a good example.

3. Questions

Usually teachers who ask questions get better results from their students. Same rule applies to Facebook posts. If you want to share a link to an article or blog, take the time to ask a question along with the shared link. This will give your audience a chance to reply and interact with your business – boosting fan engagement. Examples that business owners can use, depending on the type of business, could be “What do you expect to gain from [insert one of your products or specialities]?”

4. Famous or inspirational quotes

An easy way to get something to be shared and “liked” is to post a quote. They’re inspiring, personal and a great way for your audience to share your content with their friends.

5. Tips

A tip or “how to” is engaging because it gives value to your audience and they’re therefore more likely to react. Good examples of tips for business owners would be “First steps to take when [insert issue relevant to your business here]”.

If this all sounds great for you but you simply don’t have the time – we can help with your social media ! Here at GreatLike Media, we understand the time restraints of owning a business and all the efforts it takes to run a business. Make sure your marketing efforts aren’t half-baked, contact us and get started today!

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