March 17, 2016

5 Reasons to Clean up your Social Media: Before Back to School

When was the last time you cleaned up your social media platforms? If the answer is never than it is time to consider cleaning it/them up.

1) Start Fresh

This is a new beginning for most, whether it is a new school or a new grade. It is like fall cleaning. If it is too much work do not disregard taking down your old one and start a brand new one. Let it go do not let it hold you back anymore.

2) The Embarrassing Pictures

A recent trend has been occurring recently where your friends simply like or comment on a picture from years ago then it pops up on the news feed for all to see. Avoid this by simply deleting or hiding the photos unless you want to endure the humiliation.

3) Photo Chaos

Your photos are everywhere. There are a million different folders that are unhelpful such as profile photos, mobile photos, iOS photos and timeline photos so on. There is zero organization with photos unless the time is taken. I know I have spent excessive time trying to find a photo that I wanted to print out and give to someone. I was unable to because it takes like an hour to go through a year. They got an empty picture. Organized photos will help remedy this situation. No one will be given an empty picture frame. I recommend sorting in events or even favorite people.

4) Job Search

This is not a new occurrence. To put into perspective according to “Forty-five percent of employers use search engines such as Google to research potential job candidates, with 20 percent saying they do so frequently or always.” Cleaning up inappropriate pictures can only help. Also make sure to “Google yourself” and see what comes up. That would be unfortunate if the reason you did not get the job was due to social media.

5) You have transformed

It is a new year and you have become a year smarter. There is a chance friends that once were are no more and time to make new friends that fit who one is currently. Do not feel bad about deleting people or those photos or that status. It is said to be cleansing. No need to live in the past. Social media is in your control make it represent who you are currently.

Let us know how often you clean up your social media comment on our Facebook posts.

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