July 27, 2016

8 Beneficial Email Marketing Tips

Email marketing is a form of communication to either current or potential customers through email. Examples of email marketing can include advertisements, sales, requests for business, newsletters, donations, etc. Any communication in relation to email is a type of “email marketing”. Email marketing is crucial to any business because it promotes and enriches a company’s products or goals. Not only is email marketing a way to remain loyal to its customers, it is a crucial tactic to stay connected. Here are 8 email marketing tips for you to try today.

1. Know Your Email Marketing Audience

When gathering contact information, keep a note of age, sex, and location. This will give you a helpful idea of what your current and potential customers will look like in the future. It will also give you a proposal of how you will format and design your email. Another tip is to only ask for the information that is needed. Too long of a subscription may keep people from signing up, so keep it short and concise. Lastly, ensure your customers that there is a privacy policy implemented in order to protect their personal contact information. Add a visible link to every email you send.

2. Choose the Right Email Format

It is important to make your emails easy and convenient to read. Short, simple, and concise is always safe! Clients never want to read a long newsletter/email, therefore brevity is essential. Be sure to place your main message within the first few sentences or the top of your page. When costumers open an email, this is the first thing they see, so catch their attention!

3. A Welcome Email!

It is always helpful to be friendly right off the bat in your first email to your customers. Make it personable and always include the customer’s name. A welcome email will reassure your audience that you care, and it is also a way to thank you for their loyalty and business.

4. Send People Content They Want to Read

Quit wasting people’s time! Tailor your message so it’s relevant to your customers’ lives. For example, if a shoe store is having a sale, send an email to only subscribers in that area. This targets specific people and will expand your business. Sending applicable material will keep your readers engaged. Sending content that is useful to your costumers will ensure that they won’t click that unsubscribe button.

5. Email Personality

Don’t write your message like a formal essay. Use with a casual and conversational voice, as if you were talking to your customers individually. This will give a personal touch to your email and gain the trust of your clients. Also don’t be a boring writer, grab your reader’s attention and be unique!

6. Test and Edit Your Emails

Always test your emails. Confirm they send properly and most importantly, ensure they look and give the impression you want them too. This is crucial because this email is your business. If customers don’t like the content or receive a good vibe from the first contact, there is a chance they will unsubscribe. Editing is also a big part! Ensure that multiple people look over the writing on the page and verify that it is correct.

7. Think About Mobile Access

Mobile accessibility is crucial to any business because almost every individual in the developed world possesses a smartphone. Most people are on-the-go every day, and don’t have access to their computer. When testing your email, advertisement, or newsletter, verify it works and looks the same on mobile devices as it does on a desktop. Members of our developed society today want fast results, so if it doesn’t work on a phone, then it is not going to perform well.

8. Keep Track

Ensure that you have a calendar of the emails, ads, or newsletters your company is sending per month. It’s important to keep a constant rate because going a couple of months without sending an email will make your customers forget your business or product, and you don’t want to bombard them with ads either. Find that sweet spot in between and keep that trust between you and your clients!

Bonus Tip

Double check your spelling. Copy and paste your writing into Microsoft Word or any other spell/grammar checker. We recently started using Grammarly and highly recommend it.

Once again, emails continue to dominate the communication world regarding marketing and business. It’s one of the best ways to reach current costumers and potentially gain more business. For more information about marketing, business or blog tips, see our Greatlike Media page!

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