March 27, 2016

How Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) Benefits SEO

Have you heard of Accelerated Mobile Pages? Maybe you have already come across some but did not realize it! Accelerated Mobile Pages, AMP for short, are extremely fast mobile web pages designed by Google and Twitter. AMP provides instant news articles and pages without any clutter to perfectly fit in the palm of your hand. These pages were released last month and are making a huge splash in their short time out. Instant news is extremely satisfying, but AMP also plays a huge part in SEO and will be a game changer.

So what exactly is AMP? AMP uses a new type of coding that excludes certain codes on mobile pages that would make loading tedious. The new coding is then able to load the Web Page almost instantly on your mobile browser; Google states that their Accelerated Mobile Pages load up to 85% faster than their counterparts, and are encouraging other websites to follow their path. Faster load speeds will attract numerous web surfers, but how can AMP be important to a business?

AMP focuses on three things: content, distribution, and advertising. All businesses can benefit from what these pages have to offer. Just think about it, a faster page that will generate more traffic onto your site, which displays ads and leads to further engagement on your brand and product, but the biggest winner in my opinion is how it affects SEO.

Accelerated Mobile Pages will get a boost in search rankings for starters. Faster load times result in greater surfing experience, which will boost your search ranking and page views. AMP sites are also labeled on their site giving more of a reason for surfers to click on the link compared to a non-accelerated page. AMP sites have no signs of being hidden and are more encouraged and pushed in front of the viewer which companies should take advantage of.

Accelerated Mobile Pages will change the current scene of mobile browsing, will you take advantage of this? Check back for future blogs from GreatLike Media.

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