July 16, 2018

Benefits of Social Media Marketing for Your Business

Today, it seems like a business just isn’t doing things right if it doesn’t have a profile on every social media site out there. But is it really worth the time it takes to run social media profiles or to figure out their algorithms so your posts get seen by potential customers? There are some great benefits of social media marketing that do make it worthwhile, plus you don’t necessarily have to run this part of your business yourself.

You Can Reach New Customers When GreatLike Media Helps with Your Social Media Campaign

Social media marketing does work—with Facebook, Twitter, and other sites, it is possible to reach new customers. How many new customers you bring in often has to do with how much money you pay for ads or how well you market your social pages, of course. The more work you put into it, the better results you’ll see. Consider some of the most influential social media options out there, including:

• Facebook
• Twitter
• Instagram
• Snapchat
• LinkedIn

You Can Improve Sales

By offering discounts to those who follow your pages or promoting new items online before they’re available in your store, you can improve your sales quickly and for little investment. Once you’ve built up a following, one post about your new product with a few images is often all it takes to make some great sales.

You Become More than a Brand

Social media gives you a chance to interact with your customers in more meaningful ways than simply ringing up a transaction or mailing them a product. You’re able to have conversations, answer questions, and provide insight into your business and why you do things like you do. In short, your business takes on a personality and becomes less of a faceless brand. One great example of this is the Wendy’s Twitter account. They make fun of competitors and crack jokes. No one would have connected Wendy’s with humor if they hadn’t used their social media this way.

You Get in Front of People More Often

If you post regularly, you’re keeping your brand in front of customers and potential customers regularly. This makes it much more likely that they will think of you when they need a service or product you offer. You’re always there reminding them that you exist. This will put you ahead of other businesses that aren’t on social media.

Can’t Keep Up? GreatLike Media Can Help!

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