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Blog Tips for Small Businesses

Posted by | March 17, 2016

Short Beginner Blog Tips for Small Businesses

Up Keep

Blogging is a great responsibility. If incapable to commit to the time one should stop here. Upkeep is important for retention of your blog readers. Fresh content will continue to grow your blog. The more (great) content put out there the chance are increased for your blog to be read. Increase (great) content = Increase readers.


Is this relevant to the industry you are in? Should be the first question. Second question can I make this relevant to the industry? Always tie it into the industry that is being written for.  The target audiences' attention is captured. (potentioal consumer)

Know your Audience

What does your audience want to hear about?  Be mindful of your blog analytics and see what peeked your readers the interest the most. If it is really a mystery than ask them or check what is trending on any major search engine.


Find out what others are saying about the topic. Are their opinions different from yours are they the same? Great thing about the internet is there is so much information to read and learn from. As well as a great opportunity to link another to your blog. (Chance to have them link to yours)

Optimize for SEO

This is important for people to find your content. Use keywords in blogs but do not over use them.  Use the Google AdWords Keyword Planner to see how relevant the keywords or phrases are.


This blog is written by the company. Do not try to copy another business personality style.  It will show through your writing. Let the greatest of the company shine through.


Do not make it too long. A lot of  readers search for headers and the important information.  They scan for what they need.  Use headers and make them catchy (if possible). Put them in bold but keep it clean and simple with color.

Call to action

Meaning to get your audience to do something like the following check out our GreatLike Media Pinterest for more tips about blogging from us and other great bloggers.  Use to create awareness or action. Always make it friendly and conversational.

Time of the essence

It takes time to create an audience. Do not obsess over your numbers, readers, shares or any other type of ratings.  Continue to write about what the company loves and followers will grow form there. Be confident and do not give up.

Blogging will help with your seo and traffic driving. It may start out slow but will grow with our tips.