November 30, 2015


No, it’s not a GIF. It’s a Boomerang! Instagram has released Boomerang, a new smartphone app that allows users to take photos in rapid succession and convert it into a one second, back and forth, looping video to share amongst users’ friends. The short videos created by Boomerang do not include audio, leaving the object of the video as the center of attention. As an Orange County SEO and Digital Marketing Agency it is our job to be informed of the newest trends hitting the market.

Although being a part of Instagram, there is no login required to use the app. Videos created by Boomerang are formatted to be shared amongst all social media sites as well as text and email, so there are no limitations to sharing these creations. Our Orange County Digital Marketing Agency and SEO Company encourage you to download the Boomerang app to learn more.

The simplicity of Boomerang allows almost anyone to experiment with motion in innovative ways. The interface of the app resembles the camera app on phones. With one touch of a button, the phone will take ten quick shots and convert it into a moving picture. Then a preview of the new creation is available as well as links at the bottom for instant sharing onto Instagram, Facebook, and several other different platforms.

Instagram once again found a new method in engaging their users with their product. Numerous videos via Boomerang are already flooding social media sites. What will you create with Boomerang? At GreatLike Media, we also create websites.

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