October 1, 2015

Boost Website Design with Bootstrap

GreatLike Media is known for being one of the best Orange County Digital Marketing Agency and SEO Company. But not only is it known for their Digital Marketing, it is also known for their web design and  SEO Services. Their Web Design Service remains one of the best and they have a suggestion for you. Continue reading to find out more.

What is a Bootstrap?

Bootstrap is a front end framework which is open source and free, it contains set of tools which enable users to create web design and web application more professionally. Bootstrap framework, produced HTML and CSS based design templates along with JavaScript extensions to build custom web-based applications. Here are ten advantages of Bootstrap technology that our Web Design professionals at GreatLike Media created.

1. Free

Freely download and use Bootstrap in whole or parst. There is no need to purchase a license for Bootstrap. This allows users to utilize for all types of websites.

2. Easy to make Responsive Web Design

Mobile using has become superior to desktop which has made it so important to have mobile optimization for your website. It allows users to modify the width of column in their grid, stack elements, resize headings and text to match the devices.

3. Increase Web Development Speed

Bootstrap will increase development speed for websites and apps. It increases speed of creation by having blocks of code that are ready for user’s use. There is also an option to purchase ready-made Bootstrap theme. These are easy to customize for users needs.

4. Compatible to all Browsers

Bootstrap is able to supports a wide variety of browsers and devices. Bootstrap is compatible with all latest versions of Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera and Internet Explorer. This allows users to easily use Bootstrap in choice of browser.

5. Save Unnecessary Design and Development Time

Bootstrap allows the user for an easy experience by allowing the user to upload their CSS and Javascript pages and referencing them with Bootstrap. The program essentially allows users to have a “pre-packaged” system, the user simply needs to pick which elements they need/want without having to worry about if they conflict in the coding. This then saves time as users do not have to go back and forth figuring out what is wrong with their code.

6. Re- usable Codes

They have many reusable components to create dropdowns, input groups and more. Bootstrap does not involve any new coding, but a user may take their old CSS/HTML and convert it to a mobile device.

7. Typography Styles

The Typography is already entered in for components such as set background color, font size, and link color. There for users can customize easily to their preference, with this it makes creating a vision simple.

8. Easy to Create Dynamic Site

There are many different platforms in which a user can view a site; it starts with either a mobile device or a computer/laptop. With those devices the screen resolution is different depending on which the user has. Bootstrap allows for the easy use of creating a responsive webpage, that is, the site can resize itself without having preset parameters.

9. Advance Structure and Function

As stated before, bootstrap allows for an easy responsive site. Bootstrap was first developed at the well-known social media site, Twitter, thus the core framework is a “mobile-first” style. This is critical as many users are switching from a desktop to a mobile device for their leisure time. Bootstrap’s primary layout for their framework is pre-planned as they come with a set styled sheet for CSS. Bootstrap implements LESS style sheet, which are cascading style sheets used. The use of this makes functionality easy for designers as they can pick and choose what they would like. One of the benefits of having advanced structure to your website is the ease of use and navigability. Take this school website design company for example, they focus on mobile-first UX/UI and ensure a smooth user experience for its users. 

10. Better Support and Consistency

Developers and Designers can work with ease on upcoming projects with the consistency. such as the the ones at the Any individual can work on a project and it will remain uniformed. As well as Bootstrap has a giant support community if problems occur. Boot Strap 4 is coming soon with brand new customization options, panels for cards and more.

Want more information on Bootstrap technology? Contact the Orange County web design  and Orange County SEO experts at GreatLike Media.


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