January 31, 2016

Cleaning Up Your Website for the New Year

Happy New Year from your favorite Digital Marketing Agency in Orange County. 2016 is here, and it would be a great idea to remove clutter from your website for the new year. Our Digital Marketing Agency has a few tips for you. Leaving your holiday promotions and images on your website after the holidays is like not taking down your Christmas lights until February. Here are some helpful tips created on cleaning up your website for the New Year.


Let’s begin the cleaning session by removing anything out of date from your website: anything from past promotions to out of date holiday images. Keeping the content on your website up to date attracts web users to continue coming back knowing that the site is consistently updated with new information and promotions. Even when it comes to school website design companies, they all adhere to the same set of universal rules when building websites.

Remove Unnecessary Content

Web users dislike clutter, our experts at Orange County Web Design Company know this. So take a look at your website and go over the content that you have posted. Web Design Company Orange County recommend that if any information is unnecessary towards the goal of your company or website, it would be a good decision to take it down. A clean and simple website allows users to gather any information they are seeking with ease and allows you to portray your message in a clear and concise manner.

Have Links?

Check your links throughout your page and make sure that they all still serve their main purpose. Users gain frustration when being led to a brick wall. Better yet now is the time to update your links with newer articles and information.


Once all the clutter from your website has been erased, it is time to make sure that all the content left is proper and leaves no signs of typos.

New Year New Me

If your website isn’t everything that you wished, maybe consider starting fresh with a redesign. Starting from scratch can help you modernize your website and make it easier to include the content that you want, thus attracting users of the Internet. Want help redesigning your site? Contact us to set up a meeting with one of Orange County web design experts to make your dream website a reality!

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