February 10, 2016

The Don’ts of Digital Marketing

With the emergence and constant use of the Internet, digital marketing has become a great tool to promote a business or product. Take it from us, we are a Digital Marketing Agency in Orange County. Many businesses, however, will encounter many mistakes in trying to perfect their digital marketing strategy. Our Orange County Digital Marketing Agency is trying to keep businesses from making this mistake. Without the correct knowledge on how to use digital marketing to their advantage, a business may scare away potential customers. Our Orange County Web Design Company understands the importance of a digital marketing strategy and want to share theirs with you. Let this be a guide of what not to do when marketing your product online.

1. Do Not Rely On One Media Channel

The first point is self-explanatory; don’t put all of your eggs in one basket, as it will hinder your potential reach. Always make sure to include various forms of media channels in your digital marketing strategy. Email marketing, social media, blogs, and pay per click are a must have when marketing online. Each form of media enables a consumer to engage with your product differently increasing the reach of your message.

2. Do Not Spam

If there is anything I could advise you not to do in your marketing strategy, it is to spam your audience. Posting excessively or irrelevant content will scare away your following as they reach for the block or unfollow button on their respective social media sites. An increased number of posts on your page will not increase the engagement or likes. When posting, make sure the content is useful to your audience that includes but not limited to special promotions, new offerings, events, etc. Do not create content just because you need to post! Give something to the consumer that would benefit them and would encourage engagement.

3. It Is Not About The Traffic

Marketing your product just to get views is pointless if no one is engaging with your product. Make sure to include a call to action in your marketing strategy, from signing up for a newsletter, buying your product, to simply receiving an email address. Without any conversion on traffic, the time spent on marketing has gone to waste.

Make sure to avoid the Don’ts of the Digital Marketing industry in order to strengthen your own strategy! Like us on Facebook and follow us on Instagram for more digital marketing help.

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