November 9, 2015

Facebook Creates NEW Ad Tools for Business Owners

As being one of the best Orange County SEO and Digital Marketing Agencies, we wish to keep our clients informed about the world of digital marketing. As an Orange County Digital Marketing Agency, we are experts in the tools necessary for business owners to be successful.

The world’s largest social network, Facebook, has done it once again.  They have recently debuted two new ad products that can provide them better understanding of the foot traffic around their area.

1.      The first new tool they have updated on their site is for businesses using Location for Pages. It allows for the ads provided by marketers to be highly relevant location-wise to potential consumers. Mostly helping businesses with multiple locations because it allows for call to actions to be conveniently directed to their closest location.

2.      The second tool they have created is Local Insights. Local insights will allow business owners to see what share of people passing by their store has seen their brands ads recently.  It will not be providing names or actual numbers but instead it will provide trends. It will have a break down of people that are in the 1,500 feet radius of their store and categorized in age, gender, and whether they are local residents or visitors.  This will give them better understanding of the changing trends with different demographics throughout the day, month, and year.

The marketing world is heading to a more hyper relevant society, making reaching to consumers more efficient. Just ask this marketing agency for schools, and they will tell you all about the new ad tools that Facebook offers. Facebook’s two new ad tools will providean opportunity to see how businesses Facebook Ad Campaigns affect their foot traffic and to connect to the most relevant potential consumer.  We can help get those potential customers in your door with Facebook Ad Campaigns. Email GreatLike Media with your questions or thoughts. Besides digital marketing, we provide SEO Services and are also a Web Design Company.

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