March 13, 2017

Facebook Launches Snapchat Clones, Messenger Day and Stories (Update)

Facebook launched Messenger Day and most recently Stories for the main Facebook app that lets users post photos/videos that will vanish after 24 hours, much like Snapchat.

Messenger is Facebook’s main chat platform for users and now Facebook users can chat with Snpachat like features.

With Messenger Day, users can choose filters and add stickers to their photos and videos. Like Snapchat stories, users can send their photos and videos to their day for all their Facebook friends to see and they also have the option of sending it to Facebook friends of their choosing.

Messenger Day is for users who want to hang out and invite people in the moment. The new feature includes “Who’s up for?” filters and “Active Now” indicators so users can see who’s online.

While Snapchat Stories are more for retelling what a person does, Messenger Day is going for a more chatting and bringing people together element.

It’s not a surprise Facebook wanted to catch on to the popular Snapchat Stories feature. A billon people do use Facebook’s chat platform Messenger, after all.


Most recently, Facebook has launched Stories in the main Facebook app.

Similar to the Instagram platform, at the top of the Facebook app you’ll see rounded profile pictures that represent stories from your Facebook friends. When you tap on one you will see the photos, videos, drawings, and different camera effects from that user.

The Facebook camera will be on the top left corner of the app. Once you access it, you can take photos and videos, add effects or drawings if you like and share it in your story. Similar to Messenger Day, after 24 hours the posts in your story will disappear.

Now, Facebook has added the stories feature to all its main apps Facebook, Messenger, Instagram and Whatsapp.

Instagram’s stories are very popular, let’s see if Facebook’s new stories will have the same success.

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