August 24, 2016

Five Strategies To Improve Your Video Marketing Strategy

Video marketing is now an essential tactic for digital marketing. Video marketing can communicate valuable information to a customer that he or she needs regarding their business, without requiring them to read an overwhelming amount of text. Not only has this year been called “The Year of Video Marketing”, but according to Krystal Overmyer from her article called 10 Top Stats That Show The Importance of Video Marketing, video marketing effectiveness has increased and improved 87 percent in companies. Businesses and companies can sign up for a service or even use their own smartphone cameras to create a short, appealing video that can give customers a quick overview of their product.

Here are five strategies provided by GreatLike Media to improve your video marketing strategy:

1. Appealing Content for Your Customer

Customers may enjoy your message but if they do not understand what it has to offer, your hard work will have been for nothing. Irrelevant information will decrease the number of viewers, and lessen the chance for future customers. When conducted correctly through relevant information, your video will help you reach new customers, and convert them into loyal clients.

2. Keep Track of Publish Dates

It’s important to remain consistent when releasing new videos. Going a couple of months without uploading a video can make your customers forget your business or product. Ensure you have a schedule for the videos you make each month so you can keep track and plan what is needed to publish. Organization will keep that trust between you and your clients.

3. Shorten Video Length

Quit wasting people’s time. Display your main message in the first couple seconds of your video so your customer will immediately know what your business has to offer. Do not bore your customer; short and simple is always a safe bet.

4. Videos are Cheaper

As technology improves, the cost of producing videos decreases, and the overall process becomes more convenient. Hiring scriptwriters and editors has become more popular since more videos are being created, and our new age of technology has brought in more creative ideas into the world.

Now, with tools like FlexClip, anyone can bring their video visions to life without breaking the bank or needing professional expertise.

5. Viewable Across Multiple Platforms

Most individuals in the developed world lead fast paced lives and don’t always have access to a desktop computer, which has made mobile accessibility imperative. They likely have a smartphone, and are constantly connected to the Internet through their mobile device. When you do post your video, verify that it looks the same on desktop screens as it does on mobile screens. Because of these fast paced livese, individuals from our generation are more impatient than ever. We want fast results, so if media doesn’t function on a smartphone, it is not going to perform well.

Video marketing is a great way to launch your company in the social media world and gain loyal customers. To learn more about digital marketing tips, SEO, and Blogs visit our website!

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