March 16, 2016

Why Did Google Remove Right-Side Ads

Google removes right-side ads on search results

Yes. Google has changed the game once more by completely removing their Side Ads from the right, and integrating them on top and bottom of organic results. Why did Google choose to do this? What does this mean for marketers?

Why did Google make this change?

The reason is simple. It creates a cleaner user experience when someone completes a search. Due to the strong use of mobile searches, users have changed their behavior. The golden triangle that every marketer knows dearly has changed to a vertical scan. Google adapted to the new behavior by removing the ads.

What does this mean for the search engine optimization industry?

It seems like every time Google announces a change, panic ensues. But this new change, although it might not seem like it, will benefit Google Adword users as well. If you had advertisements that were top four previously, you will have less competition now, and have a slightly better chance of increasing the click through rate. A better click through rate in turn could potentially improve your cost per conversion. The best action you can do when Google makes these kinds of changes is to embrace the change.

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