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July 9, 2018

5 Tips To Get Success With Local SEO Marketing

SEO is always changing—techniques that were considered some of the best may now get your website blacklisted. One of the newest trends in optimizing websites is local SEO. The basic idea is including keywords that have to do with where you’re located, but there’s much more to local SEO than that. If you want your local SEO marketing to succeed, you need to follow these five tips provided by our Orange County SEO company, GreatLike Media.

1. Get Links from Local Sites

Getting high-level, reputable sites to link to you shows Google that your website is considered legit and useful by others. Building these links from other local sites not only does this, but it also brings visitors in who are looking for businesses or points of interest in your location. You may be able to get a link from your local Chamber of Commerce, from neighborhood organizations you’ve worked with, or even from sending press releases to local news stations.

2. Know Your California Audience

Who are you reaching out to? If you know who your audience is, you’ll be better able to focus your local SEO on them. For example, if your company serves a specific city and its suburbs, you should make sure the suburb names are included somewhere on your website.

3. Keep Your Content Relevant to Those in Laguna Beach and the Surrounding Areas

Your website needs to include content that is relevant for the audience you’ve targeted. Images should be of your specific location, not simply generic pictures bought online. If you’re talking about solving specific problems, include problems that your audience faces.

4. Ask for Reviews

More than 90% of buyers read online reviews before they make a purchase, surveys have shown. If you don’t have reviews on your website or on outside sites, you may be losing customers. These reviews also help build up your business’s reputation on search engines and can assist you in building your brand. Places where you can ask for reviews include:

• Yelp

• Yahoo

• Google

• Your website’s contact page

• Social Media

5. Look at Your Competitors

What are your competitors doing? What sites do they have their local backlinks from? Which keywords are they using? While you don’t want to be a carbon copy of these other businesses, you do want to keep an eye on them and incorporate those strategies that seem to be working.

Here at GreatLike Media, We Can Help

If you’re having difficulty with SEO, GreatLike Media is here to help. We’re an Orange County digital marketing agency, but we work with businesses around the country. Contact us today to discuss your SEO needs.

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