June 8, 2016

How to Recover from a Google Penguin Penalty – SEO Tips

So you used the wrong SEO service and your business paid the price? You neglected backlink management? Search engine traffic is at an all-time low? You tried to increase google rankings, but ended up on the 25th page?

If your website rankings have plummeted, it’s OK. We understand. GreatLike Media has your back! Recovering from a Google Penguin Penalty seems daunting, but with our six tried and true SEO tips you can restore your websites ranking, credibility and legitimacy.

1. Make a list of all your website backlinks

Keeping a log is crucial for remedying problems that may arise and tracking potential leads. Here at GreatLike Media, we document all backlinks making access a breeze.

2. Audit all backlinks for quality

A comprehensive log allows quality checks to come often and easy. Links deemed unnatural raise Google’s attention and help to promote penalties (i.e. poor domain authorities).

3. Determine which links you have to remove

Compiling a list of all harmful backlinks in one place eases further evaluation. Shoddy links are easily identifiable once compiled in an easy to read spreadsheet.

4. Talk to your website admin and disavow the links

After locating harmful links, contact the website administrator, he/she may be able to remove them. After exhausting the source, Google’s Disavow tool can be used to remove harmful links that may deteriorate your rankings.

5. Check anchor text distribution

If search engines detect a sudden surge in distribution by means of inorganic traffic, you may be penalized. Anchor text with a mostly diverse distribution remain un-touched by the Penalty. In comparison, skewed distribution will signal the penalty.

6. Final Suggestions

Remember how much work it took to fix a Penguin Penalty. If accounts are managed properly and backlinks are actively analyzed, preventing a Penguin Penalty is much easier than fixing one. After completion, website rankings can take months to return, so why not act while you have the chance?

This isn’t prom, avoid the tuxedo! Remember, Penguin Penalties take time to fix and improvement will show. For more information on SEO contact GreatLike Media. GreatLike Media is an Orange County SEO company.

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