March 31, 2016

Instagram Announces Longer Videos

Despite Instagram’s rough week with turn-on notifications post and deleting the log out button altogether, they announced that they will allow the oprtion to post longer videos.

Instagram stated that in the last 6 months, the number of videos watched increased by more than 40%. That number only continues to rise as the year goes on.

Currently, Instagram videos are only 3 to 15 seconds With this update, they are going to extend the length to 60 seconds. For iOS users they are also going to bring back the making of videos with multiple clips.

Instagram has recently made it so the application would show how many views the video has received. If clicked on number of views, it will enlarge the number and show who has liked it below.

The length increase was released today and will be available to everyone in the upcoming months.

What are you going to create with your extra 45 seconds?

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