March 10, 2016

Orange County Digital Marketing Launches Marc’d Academy Website

Marc Watts, legendary TV broadcaster has been in the TV industry for more than 30 years, and is known for covering the 16-month OJ Simpson trial on CNN. He approached GreatLike Media to create a website to introduce his highly anticipated Marc’d Academy Broadcast Training Institution.

This unique website design will have the users engaged with the custom features and easy navigation. The features include eye catching photos, pop up text, and a video that will motivate to join the academy. This fully responsive website is easy to function on mobile and visually pleasing.

This website lets the user get up close and personal with who Marc Watts is. He drops knowledge with his play book, and explains why you need this training to keep your career successful. Throughout the website, there are many recommendations and experiences from broadcasters of all types. You have the ability to get in contact with him almost instantly and remain connected to his bold social icons. The time is here. Experience his website at .

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