3 Pros and 3 Cons of Blogging
March 16, 2016

3 Pros and 3 Cons of Blogging

Blog. Is it essential for your business or an inefficient use of time? Below are a few pros and cons of blogging.


1. Consuming

When you have to write an average of three blogs a week, creating fresh and original content can be tricky. Blogging requires research, time, and organization. In a business without a dedicated blogger, these requirements can be spread thin and can potentially not deliver the quality content their audience wants to view. Solutions to this would be to hire a full time blogger to focus solely on your blog, or spread out the job to several different people.

2. Criticism

Writing a blog about your thoughts and opinions about a certain industry can leave you vulnerable to others’ criticism. Whether it is an angry customer, competition, or someone with a lot of time on their hands, we cannot restrict the criticism we receive.

3. Competition

There will always be competition, so it can be daunting or discouraging at times. Often it takes patience and consistency to gather a loyal audience base.


1. Traffic

A blog gives people a reason to keep going to your website , and therefore increase your website traffic. Google loves blogs and directly impacts your position on your search engine optimization. One of the main reason businesses create blogs is to affect their organic ranking when a customer searches their business.

2. Brand Identity

Brand identity is a personality or a set of values that a company has in their consumer’s mind. Blogging can help communicate those things to your consumers and create a stronger relationship with them.

3. Community

Writing blogs will make sure you are up to date to the trends that are happening within your industry. They will also drive people that interested about your topics to your website and you will receive feedback. Some will be negative and others will be positive but overall you will learn from these experiences and come back more knowledgeable than ever!

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