April 13, 2016

How to Tell If It Is Time for a Website Redesign

Hello everyone! Is your website up to date, aesthetically pleasing, and easy to use? No? Well the Orange County web design professionals at GreatLike Media suggest that it is time to redesign your website! Web design plays a critical role in any business and moving into the digital age, the majority of consumers will check out a company’s website before taking any action.

Can your website keep up with the competition? Or will your site be the reason why your potential clients move on to other companies that are on top of their web design?

The website that you built in the early 2000’s will perform low in today’s vast world of beautiful web design. According to Forbes , consumers are most likely to trust a company and website if it is up to date. For example, here is Ebay’s homepage in the year 2000.

I know, hideous right? Well back then this was revolutionary! No one cared about how it was designed, as the Internet was still being developed at the time! Now fast forward 16 years and viola look at Ebay’s current home page.

What a huge difference! You can tell that consumers will get a more engaging and satisfying experience from browsing this current site compared to an outdated version. Besides websites being outdated, considering to redesign also factors in whether your site is overworked and if your current site is not doing its initial job to generate traffic.

Look at these statistics found by Stanford researchers:

It is amazing to see how a website can determine how much business you can receive. Staying on top of your web design also helps out with your page’s security and adds traffic to your site.

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