March 17, 2016

Search Engine Optimization: Getting to the Top

Search Engine Optimization: Getting to the top

SEO put simply is trying to get your business to the top of the page when you are searched in any search engine platform. Now, how to get there? I am specifically going to be talking about Google’s search engine since it is the most popular. Google is a crawler based search engine. This means that they have crawlers looking through all the pages registered, devise a page rank and go off relevance. There is a set Google algorithm that is programmed to use. It is important to continuously be aware of the updates.

First factor to consider is the keywords. Brainstorm keys words that have key benefits to the business. What are the benefits that the company can offer to the target clientele? Start from there. As keywords seem to start running thin, contemplate long-tailed keywords. Long-tailed keyword means being more specific about the service or item that is being offered. For example we will use furniture. Furniture would be a keyword but would help very little due to competition but if there are long-tailed keywords such as rustic pine furniture this will be a more reliably for the consumer searching for it. Also utilize your and friends. Ask them what they would search for if they were looking for the service.

Next check your source code. You can check this by clicking right on the webpage and view page source and then control F to see how many times you have your key word. Important factor just because you have your key word in your code 46 times does not mean the website will be put on the top automatically. In addition, search for the title and description for your page validate it is only the facts not a marketing pitch.

Last part for this blog is optimizing your home page. Home page meaning the page your consumer will land on when they click the site from their Google search. Here are a two tactics to help successfully accomplish optimization. Update your content at least monthly to assure that the content on the homepage is relevant and fresh. Next verify that the home page is not cluttered with keywords again this is the same as your code if the keyword is there 46 times it will penalize your chance to be at the top of the page. Do not stuff your home page with keywords.

Still scratching your head? We have a helpful staff that talks SEO all day and will be able to explain it even further. Email at [email protected] for the brains of SEO.

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