April 26, 2016

How SEO Benefits Your E-commerce Business

Many businesses are taking their products to the digital space and implementing e-commerce websites to sell their products and merchandise. If you are thinking about creating an e-commerce website, read how creating an e-commerce website and implementing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) will impact your business.

1. Relevant Web Traffic

If an e-commerce website is set up and implemented properly with SEO, it serves as a great way to bring relevant traffic to the website. For example, if someone types a specific product into Google and your website appears in the search, the relevant search result is likely turn into a purchase, because the user found exactly what he or she was looking for in a matter of seconds. In addition, an e-commerce website with SEO serves as another opportunity for people to find your business without leaving their home.

2. Brand Engagement

Taking your business online allows people to engage with your brand by writing reviews and offering feedback. Providing your customers with the opportunity to contribute to your brand gives them a feeling of involvement, and they may be more inclined to share your products with their friends and family. In addition, customer engagement helps with SEO, as more references about your brand provides you with a higher authority with Google.

3. Web Usability

E-commerce websites should be user friendly and functional. If your e-commerce website is set up in a way that is clear and concise, a user will enjoy visiting your website, and will be likely to completing purchases. SEO also contributes to making your website more navigable for users, as a key component of SEO is rearranging the website’s architecture and links. This organization makes it easier to complete, and also easier for Google to crawl your ecommerce website.

4. ROI

A great attribute of an e-commerce website is the ROI (return on investment). After the initial investment of the website design, the costs associated with hosting the website are relatively low, giving you a maximum profit made from your online sales. In addition, the ROI of your marketing tactics related to your e-commerce website is completely measurable as opposed to print and other offline advertisements.

5. Seasonal Product Sales

E-commerce websites give you the option to make quick changes on your website and offer incentives and promotions based on seasons or holidays. If SEO is implemented, people may even find your website while doing a seasonal search, such as “summer beach toys” or “spring dresses.”

6. Cost Effective Compare to Offline Store

The overhead of managing an e-commerce website is less than a physical store, as it eliminates many costs associated with a brick-and-mortar location. If you’re looking to consolidate your monthly website fees, it might be a good idea to find a company (such as GreatLike Media, hint hint) to handle the hosting, design, and technical issues that is associated with running an e-commerce website.

7. Provides Great Customer Experience

A few things your customers can do with your e-commerce website: browse products, leave reviews, and compare prices. In 2016, the world has shifted to digital media, and most users enjoy the convenience of online shopping. There are many features you can implement on your e-commerce website to allow users to connect with you, and e-commerce websites provide an overall great customer experience.

8. Speed up the Business Process

Online shopping via e-commerce is simple. Browse, add to shopping cart, select, and, voila!, the order is processed. Speeding up the purchase process allows the consumer to receive their order promptly, and also allows you to receive payment promptly.

9. Global Reach

E-commerce websites can reach anyone at anytime. Dependent on your shipping reach, you are potentially able to reach consumers across the world. How awesome is that?!

10. Ability to Reach Right Product to Right Audiences

Having an e-commerce website allows you to organize products based on category or interests. In addition, you are able to target people who are searching for your product via SEO.

Are you thinking of taking your business online? Reach out to GreatLike Media today for a free consultation on e-commerce website design and SEO.

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