July 12, 2016

Six Successful and Helpful SEO Tips

SEO, or “search engine optimization”, is the process of boosting your website for search engines so that it attracts more visitors. SEO is important because it helps search engines figure out the general idea of your company and how it may be useful for users. Here are some tips in order to successfully create web traffic and gain more customers to your company!

1.Frequently Update Your Website with Fresh Content

A very crucial tip for improving your SEO is updating your website with fresh and reliable information. When you frequently update your company’s website, it will have a better chance of Google ranking your website higher on the search results. Fresh content will increase your rankings, engagement with your customers, and give them a reason to keep coming back.

2. Link to Internal Pages on Your Website

A great way to promote a good user experience is to include relevant and reliable links within your website. Internal links are essential because it allows for users to navigate a website and can help your rankings. More website traffic means more users, and potential customers!

3. Keep Your Website Code as Clean as Possible

Another way to improve your SEO is to keep your website code as clean as possible. This is very important because your SEO relies on what’s in your code. Google crawls it in order to find the user’s keywords of their search.

4. Focus on Keyword Phrases Instead of Individual Words

In order to attract visitors and expand your reach, you need to figure out which keywords the average consumer would use. Keyword phrases are more convenient when trying to engage customers because it’s more casual, and has more search options than specific individual words. For example, instead of saying “See item here”, rename it to “See black running shoes here”.

5. Link Building: Quality over Quantity

Not all links are created equal. Having high quality links is much more important than having a large quantity of mediocre ones. Do your best to get your website link on high-authority sites instead of several low quality websites. Being found on several poor quality websites can actually hurt your search engine ranking.

6. Title Your Images with Keyword Phrases

When you are titling your images with keyword phrases, make sure you use alt-text because search engines can’t read images by themselves. By using alt-text, it allows for search engines to recognize the image and leads users to that photo. For example, instead of titling a photo “photo1.jpg”, rename it to “orange_county_digital_marketing_agenecy_ jpg”.

Now that you have some tips for a successful SEO, you are one step closer to having an awesome website. Contact Greatlike Media for your free one-hour SEO consultation today. GreatLike Media is an Orange County SEO company.

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