March 17, 2016

An Easy Guide to Snapchat

A new way of chatting with your friends! Snapchat is a social media for this generation that gave social media a different function, purpose and definition.

Remember those days when you had to upload a picture into a text message or another social media page before sharing it with your family and friends? Snapchat made it so much easier to share moments with the people around you by sending it directly to people with the same app. The duration of one content can range from 1 to 10 seconds, or you can make it a story that lasts for 24 hours, known as Snapchat Story, with a compilation of short snaps.

SnapChat continues to update their software by creating the ability to draw and write on your pictures, take videos, change filters, add time stamps, current weather, geotags, transfer payments between friends, and even incorporating the idea of a QR code to add friends faster! “SnapChat me”-

Not only did SnapChat change the social media generation, it started a new trend as well as creating a verb in the dictionary, just like “Google”. Though the pictures disappear after a few seconds, you never know if they are deleted forever from the cloud. Therefore, messages are sent at the risk of the user.

Recently they have added features that businesses can promote their featured news and deals in a creative way. Would you consider using it for your business?

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