March 17, 2016

Social Media Tips for Emerging Sports Businesses

Find your fan base

You do not have to have every type of social media account. Research your fan base, and determine what types of accounts your fans use. Your job is to use the social platform where you can optimize your reach. Experiment with different accounts, and see where you are reaching the most people.

Use sponsors with large social media presence to market your product

Over the years, large sports companies like Nike, Adidas, and Under Armour have dominated the sports apparel market. Each year, they reveal several new athletes that they believe will effectively represent their brand. The emergence of social media, and the impact it has had on the social landscape of business has changed the way many sports organizations choose their athletes. Research has shown that by choosing athletes that have large social followings, organizations are more likely to reach a prospective customer on a personal level. Further, because they are receiving the message from someone they know, respect, and trust—they are more likely to remember the campaign for a longer period of time.

Use each social media account to gather new information about fans

Sports organizations have begun obtaining data from their presence on social media to learn more about their fans. Data from different social media accounts can offer differing information. Sports teams and businesses may not have the same followers across all media. The population that follows a business on Twitter, may not be the same demographic as those who follow the organization on Facebook or GooglePlus. By having multiple social media accounts, sports organizations are able to identify several demographics, and use information gathered from these accounts to appeal to each population effectively.

Experiment with your accounts

Find out which accounts are most effective in selling tickets, generating conversation, and selling apparel. You do not have to post the same content on each profile. Tailor your posts to followers on each platform.

Constant reminders

Let fans know when each home game is, where they can get the most up to date information about scores and highlights, what the fan giveaway is, and if there are any special deals.

Track Reactions

Test out changes your business has made by tracking the reactions of fans on social networks. See how fans like your new team apparel or ask fans and customers what kind of promotions they would like to see. Respond to fans, and understand that you will not be able to please everyone.

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